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A-Team Spotlight: Curtis Weaver

ADB proudly builds relationships and connects communities across the country. Our teams are expanding every day and with this growth, we need dedicated people willing to step up and lead our A-Teams. Curtis Weaver, Senior Project Manager for our Wireline Central Group, works hard every day to grow his teams and consistently provide innovative solutions for their customers and partners.

Curtis joined the ADB family in 2018 to run our Kansas City market for a trusted partner. He enthusiastically stepped up to this challenge with only his truck as an office, traveling across Kansas every single day. When ADB signed a large-scale contract with another wireline partner in 2019, Curtis was trusted with building a small management team to monitor ADB’s all-subcontracted market. Three years later, he and his team are continuing to build in-house crews to handle the new and growing business, expanding their footprint in the Midwest. Curtis was given a lot of responsibility from his first day on the job and it is something he is incredibly grateful for.

“Building this market from the ground up along with my team – Paden Waugh, Alex Holland, Dave Brown, and Charles Stackle – has been empowering for all of us. We are making a positive name for ourselves and ADB by keeping our customers happy with our high quality of work.”

Curtis joined the construction industry at a young age as a Laborer in high school. He enjoyed working outside and operating various pieces of equipment, so he stuck with his various jobs to work his way up through the industry and get to where he is today. After being in this industry for many years, Curtis’ favorite thing is working with his team members to accomplish a common set of goals, overcome daily issues, and solve problems that others may overlook. As the team and the company grow, Curtis has a piece of advice for those just starting out in the industry:

“Stay heavily connected with your customers and build a quality product for them. Listen to your team members when problems come up and keep everyone involved with the progress.”

Throughout his 35 years in Telecom, Curtis has learned a lot of lessons along the way. For him, the most important lesson has been education. He has seen that a day will not go by without learning something new. Every day for him has been a new adventure, which has helped him solidify a strong vision for the future. This vision includes building a permanent footprint for ADB in the Kansas City market, along with growing and expanding his team while helping them achieve their goals.

“A culture of commitment is what I see every day from my team. Everyone is committed to helping troubleshoot, dig in, and solve any issues that may arise.”

ADB fosters a world-class culture and is driven by a strong mission and core values. The value that is most important to Curtis is Safety. Safety is his biggest concern on a daily basis and his team and partners are always at risk in this industry. ADB is committed to achieving ZERO unsafe acts and prioritizes getting team members home safely while spreading this culture and mindset to our customers and partners on every single jobsite. It is important to Curtis that his team and partners reflect his same commitment to safety.

For Curtis, he would not be able to build the Kansas City market without the amazing people he works with. His team, and our teams across the nation, are growing rapidly. Curtis believes that he has found his career destination and that those just joining the industry or looking to make a switch should consider ADB to be their home.

“There are a lot of opportunities here to work your way up and further your career. The resources are given to you to pursue your interests. All it takes is willingness and hard work.”

Curtis, thank you for being instrumental to our growth in the Midwest. You handle each challenge with a smile and you are truly building something amazing!


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