At ADB Companies we serve client customers, service providers, and all sectors of the government. Our four main business groups are:

Utility Construction | Wireless | Technology | Government

Utility Construction

Our Utility Construction Group spans across an east and west division to serve numerous industries nationwide. We specialize in the following:

Telecom Electric | Broadband | Water | Sewer

Government | OSP Engineering | Hydroexcavation

Boring | Aerial | Trenching | Plowing Paving | Splicing

OSP West

Anthony Sumner

Senior Vice President

OSP East

Jeremy Bryan

Senior Vice President



We are a leader in planning, designing, deploying and maintaining multiple infrastructure projects within the communication, commercial construction, and energy markets. We have partnered with our customers by delivering high-quality service in a more timely and cost-effective manner. Visit today!

Jeff Fischer 




The immense growth of ADB’s technology division spurred the formation of ZeroDay Technology Solutions. Visit today.



The Government group at ADB provides any of the above services: Utility Construction, Wireless, and Technology Solutions for all sectors of the government.

Dennis Mooney

Senior Vice President