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ADB Companies to Elevate Chad Johnson to Chair & Stacey Thompson Promoted to CEO

January 18th, 2024 - St. Louis, MO – ADB Companies, a nationwide leader of turnkey utility infrastructure solutions, announced today that as of February 1, 2024, CEO Chad Johnson will be elevated to Executive Chair of the company, and Chief Operating Officer, Stacey Thompson, will be promoted to CEO. The transition is part of a carefully planned succession strategy designed to maintain continuity and sustained growth for ADB.

The leadership transition marks a significant milestone for ADB.  Johnson, who has served as President and CEO for nearly two decades, led the company through a sustained period of exponential growth, transitioning ADB from a regional electric utility contractor into a national electric, telecommunications, engineering, and technology infrastructure solutions provider.  Johnson grew the company with a laser-focus on leadership, strategic planning, a people-first culture, and creating “results on purpose” (a nod to Jan Torrisi-Mokwa, a trusted advisor to Johnson and ADB who passed away in 2018). Johnson will remain a shareholder as he transitions into his new role Executive Chair.

Stepping into the position of CEO is Stacey Thompson, ADB’s COO for the last year, and a long-time AT&T executive prior to joining ADB.  Thompson was an early and long standing customer of ADB and was a natural fit for CEO once Johnson was ready to move up to Chair.   

"I am honored to have served as CEO of ADB for a generation of rapid growth and diversification of our customers and services. I am grateful to Rusty Keeley and the Keeley Companies for giving me the opportunity to lead ADB since 2005.  Rusty has been not only an excellent mentor and business partner, but I am lucky to count him among my closest friends. I am eager to take on the new role of Chair to focus on strategic growth and am excited to have Stacey take the helm as CEO," said Johnson. "Stacey has a remarkable 25-year career building networks around the country and I have full confidence in her and our executive team to continue to grow ADB as they continue to focus on Customers, Safety and Team Member growth.”

Thompson’s rise to the position of CEO culminates a long career in utility and network building and marks a return to her roots in St. Louis, where she began her career with Southwestern Bell.  A well-regarded industry veteran, Thompson brings a deep understanding of the telecommunications and utility industry, and the perspective of having been a long-time customer of ADB.  

“ADB is unique. We strive to build excellent relationships with our customers, while performing excellent work. ADB has a rich history and an incredible culture that is like no other in the industry. I am proud to be a part of this team. I thank Chad for his exceptional leadership at ADB and look forward to working with him as our Chair,” commented Thompson.


About ADB Companies

ADB Companies ( builds networks, connections, and partnerships nationwide within the telecommunications and utility industries. We provide utility, electrical & fiber optic infrastructure, wireless communications, engineering, and technology solutions. ADB services commercial clients, carrier service providers and local, state, and federal government organizations.  ADB is nationally recognized for its customer-centric philosophy backed by accountability and results. With a commitment to safety, people, and an ALL-IN culture, ADB sets itself apart as a leader in building careers and developing long-standing partnerships with their customers.


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