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Women in Construction Spotlight: Bobbie Miller

By: Claire Sauer

ADB has been hard at work building our nation’s technology infrastructure. Our team members behind the scenes are as vital as those in the field digging the holes and laying the cable. Bobbie Miller, Project Coordinator for one of our most trusted partners, works to ensure that our projects stay on track and meet the needs of our customers. She goes out of her way every day to continuously exceed expectations.

When Bobbie began her journey with ADB, she was new to the construction industry. She has been able to take full advantage of the numerous learning opportunities at her disposal and as much as she can about her current role and how she can grow with the company. This dedication to learning and education has allowed her to feel empowered in every aspect of her work. She knows her role and how it relates to the field. She can speak with her team members in the field, understand their needs and expectations, and bring that back to her team in the office in order to help the project succeed.

Bobbie’s career began in the financial industry, but when she was looking for a change, she realized that she could significantly expand her knowledge in the construction industry.

“There is always growth in construction. It is one of the strongest and long-running career destinations.”

Making the switch to construction also meant entering a male-dominated industry. She quickly realized that by seeing herself as an equal, others around her would see her the same way. She puts effort into producing the best results and respects each of her team members. In turn, her team members see her value and treat her with the same respect. If she could give one piece of advice to women starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Ask questions, ask for mentorship, and ask to spend time in the field. Don’t be intimidated. People appreciate seeing a willingness to learn, so focus on being the best team member you can be!”

Bobbie has learned a lot throughout her career, but the most important thing she has learned is to take pride in the work that she does. By working hard and seeing her results pay off, she is able to look at the work she delivers with pride. When it comes to the future, Bobbie is most excited for the growth opportunities that are available at Keeley Companies.

“I have chosen Keeley as my career destination and I look forward to using the tools and strategies they provide to grow in my career. My goal is to be a leader in the company someday.”

Bobbie, thank you for being ALL IN in everything you do.. Our team would not be the same without you and we can’t wait to watch you grow in your career!


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