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The Golden Rules of Successful Customer Interaction

The age-old principle of ‘treat others the way you want to be treated,’ is the gold standard of interpersonal relationships. It is a short and powerful phrase that can be used as the building block of understanding the world from another person’s perspective.

Personally, I have carried this life lesson with me since childhood. It is number one in importance to treat people with respect and I have been collecting articles and notes about the impact of living by this principle for years. In the end, the Golden Rule is not a business tactic, it is a way of life that just so happens to have a profoundly positive effect on business as well.

Truly practicing the Golden Rule and having the customer’s best interest at heart, means working for a company that provides top-notch products or services that legitimately meet customers' needs. As a Business Development professional, my goal is to understand and address my customer’s pain points and concerns in order to provide the best solutions. Using the Golden Rule as my guide, I have discovered that ‘selling to others as you wish to be sold to,’ is one of the most successful ways to improve sales performance and provide the best service to customers.

Make it Personal

Before you are able to build lasting relationships with your customers, they have to know you care. Treat your customers right and they’ll be happier, more likely to come back, and more inclined to recommend you to other business partners, friends, and family. Having a solid set of ethics allows you to provide the best experience for your customers and prove to them that you are willing to build strong long-term partnerships.

Sell Yourself

The key to these lasting relationships is being able to prove that you are the partner they should work with. The first step in building long term partnerships with clients is to sell yourself. Be genuine. You must position yourself as an expert in your field and a long-term partner to help your customers reach their goals. Selling with honesty, integrity, and understanding will go a long way in helping you succeed and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Seek to Understand

Improve your communication and listening skills. You must seek to understand what the customers’ needs and pain points are before you begin offering solutions. Make it personal to your clients; ultimately, they will give you the information you need to provide the best solution.

The Golden Rule rings true regardless of your discipline, from sales to operations to marketing to safety. The daily practice of treating others with respect translates into every area of life and every different career, whether you are a team member or a manager. Treating people the way you want to be treated will enhance your life both professionally and personally.


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