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Women in Construction Spotlight: Angie Bach

During these unprecedented times, our Operational Support is more important than ever to keep our essential work on track as they continue to drive the success of ADB. Angie Bach, Program Manager for our OSP West Group, works out of our Des Moines office ensuring that her client is always kept up to date with project information and that the project will be completed on schedule. This streamlined communication allows Angie and her team to build a strong foundation and partnership with their clients.

Angie has worked in the construction industry for over eight years, but she grew up on her

family’s sawmill where a strong work ethic was instilled in her at a young age. This experience allowed her to learn how to not be afraid of putting in the hard work to complete a project and she has brought these experiences to her jobs in the industry. She believes everyone on the team, no matter if they are digging the hole or signing the paychecks, has their role in making their projects and team succeed every day.

Angie began her journey with ADB in February as a Program Coordinator, but she was quickly promoted to Program Manager. She works with various ADB teams to keep projects running smoothly and directly manages her team’s relationships with their clients. Since joining the team, she will be the first to tell you that it was a culture shock, but in the best way possible. In her eight years in the construction industry, Angie has never worked for a company that focuses so strongly on empowering their team members and giving back to the community. ADB’s commitment to their people has given Angie the confidence and tools to flourish. Her team members and leadership have continued to support her since her first day on the job.

Working in a male-dominated industry can be challenging, but Angie works hard not only for herself, but for her nine-year-old daughter. Her daughter is the reason why she does what she does, and Angie wants to do everything she can to give her daughter a better tomorrow. Angie has learned a lot of valuable lessons over the years, but the most important one has been that she is the one fighting for herself. She has the ability to change some of her experiences in order for her daughter to grow up and see that she is capable of anything. If Angie could give a piece of advice to all the little girls out there and all the young women starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Push forward through the obstacles. Being a female does not mean that you are soft – emotion and passion are a good thing.”

Angie realizes that she can’t just think about her future, but she also has to think about the future for her daughter. She sees herself continuing to grow with ADB and wants to see women get recognized for their hard work and contributions when they deserve it. She continues to feel empowered and is grateful that Keeley has given her so many opportunities.

Angie, thank you for your dedication to the success of the OSP West Group. Your leadership is unmatched and we can’t wait to continue supporting you and watching the groundbreaking success that your team continues to achieve.

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