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A-Team Spotlight: Rodney Guzman

While ADB Companies’ headquarters may be in St. Louis, MO, we have an incredibly strong presence across Texas. San Antonio has long been ADB’s largest city outside of St. Louis, with our San Antonio crews travelling across the region to serve our customers and connect communities. Rodney Guzman, Foreman, works hard to bring high-quality service to our customers while keeping his entire team safe.

Rodney joined the ADB Family as a CDL Laborer, working his way up to Lead Foreman. As he has grown in his career, he also found a passion for safety and was nominated to be the President of the Safety Warriors group in San Antonio. His passion for safety is truly unmatched and he radiates this culture every single day. It is evident when he is working with his team, with his customers, and even in his day-to-day life. His growth and leadership have led him to feel empowered every time he steps onto a jobsite. He knows he can truly contribute and make a difference in the company and is looking forward to his future growth with the company, taking on a larger role on the safety team while still being able to lead a productive team operationally.

Rodney joined the construction industry after doing some soul searching and wanting to find stability to provide for him and his family. He joined ADB and knew that he had found his home and a place that was going to help him achieve his professional and personal goals. He has met so many amazing people and considers his team his second family. Rodney values everything that ADB has to offer, so if he could give one piece of advice to the newest A-Team Members, it would be:

“Be a sponge. Absorb all the information and knowledge that you can because you take that with you no matter your path. One of the best parts of ADB is all the knowledge they offer, whether it’s through ADB Academy or trainings in the field. ADB really invests in the individual and not just the company.”

ADB Safe is our world-class safety culture and getting our people home safely every day is always our number one priority. After joining the A-Team, Rodney quickly discovered his passion for safety and learned that safety truly is the key to success. He met Edwin de Mandel, Safety Coordinator in Texas, who immediately took him under his wing and mentored him on what it means to be a safety professional. Edwin shone a bright light on safety and Rodney tries to shine that same light, instilling fire and passion in his team.

“At the end of the day, as long as you do your job to the best of your ability and as safe as possible, you will succeed. Our safety culture ensures that our people make it home to their families every night.”

On top of his roles within our Wireline South group and our Texas Safety Warriors team, Rodney is also a member of our newly created ADB Well committee. ADB Well is our robust health and wellness program offered to all A-Team Members and their families. The ADB Well committee will play a significant role in bringing new health and wellness resources (and fun challenges!) to our team members. Rodney is excited to be on the first-ever ADB Well committee and is looking forward to playing a part in driving a culture of health and wellness across ADB.

ADB is experiencing rapid growth across the company and we are always looking for new talent to join our family. Rodney believes that he has found his home at ADB and is incredibly grateful for ADB’s mission, vision, world-class culture, and core values. He knows that he is treated equally and values the recognition he receives when something good happens and the mentorship that is available when help is needed. Rodney is excited about the future, meeting the newest members of the A-Team, and getting them excited about safety!

“I consider ADB to be one of the best (if not the best) company in our industry. ADB is definitely one of the safest companies I’ve had the pleasure of working for. Leadership does their jobs incredibly well and the benefits are amazing.”

Rodney, thank you for leading our San Antonio teams with such passion and grace. Your dedication to safety and well-being will take you to amazing heights!


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