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ADB Announces Acquisition of PrimeTech Communications

SAINT. LOUIS, MO – October 20, 2021 – ADB Companies (ADB COMPANIES, LLC), a leading turnkey provider of technology infrastructure solutions, announced today that they have acquired PrimeTech Communications. This strategic partnership will allow ADB to increase capabilities nationwide, joining forces with their current wireline division. With four unique business groups – Wireline, Wireless, Engineering, and Technology – ADB provides world-class services across an array of industries, connecting communities and building our nation’s infrastructure.

“We welcome PrimeTech into the ADB family knowing that they are ALL IN for our mission, vision, and core values,” said Chad Johnson, CEO of ADB Companies. “Fostering an ALL IN culture is paramount to our growth and success, and we know that PrimeTech will continue to enhance our culture and expand our reach.”

With 25 years of experience, PrimeTech is a highly regarded provider in the industry, building pathways for technology while providing quality service in a timely and cost-effective manner. Their vision for growth and customer-centric approach fully align with ADB’s world-class culture and strategic plan. With a mutual dedication to customer service and ensuring every team member makes it home safe, the partnership between ADB and PrimeTech was a natural decision for both companies.

“PrimeTech is incredibly proud to be joining the ADB Companies family. With matching cultures, solid growth history, and a special interest in our people, clients, and growth, we knew that ADB was a perfect fit,” said Brad Shoemaker, Founder of PrimeTech.

ADB Companies is focused on a rapid-growth strategy, both organic and inorganic. PrimeTech is the third acquisition of 2021, expanding ADB’s geographic footprint to become the industry-leading provider of turnkey, end-to-end solutions for the Wireline, Wireless, Technology, and Engineering sectors across the ever-growing technology infrastructure, power, utility, and telecom industries.

This acquisition will not only increase ADB’s presence, but it will help grow the A-Team to better serve customers across the nation.

“We are proud to be able to serve our communities every single day. This partnership with PrimeTech will help us to improve these efforts, build better connections, and pave the way for a brighter future,” said Chad Johnson.

About ADB Companies

ADB Companies leverages three decades of extensive experience providing turnkey fiber infrastructure construction and engineering services nationwide to complete projects on-time, under-budget, and with the highest quality standards in the industry. ADB is nationally recognized for its customer-centric philosophy backed by accountability and results. With a commitment to safety, people, and an ALL IN culture, ADB sets itself apart as a leader in building careers and developing long-standing partnerships.

About PrimeTech

PrimeTech builds pathways for technology safely, accurately, and professionally. With a dedication to excellence and focus on delivering timely, cost-effect, quality service, PrimeTech provides turn-key utility construction, including engineering and design, project management, aerial and underground construction, coaxial and fiber splicing, interior installation for cable, telecommunication, internet, and cell providers.


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