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ADB Community Spotlight: Jackson, KY Flooding

Our A-Team is dedicated to giving back to our communities across the country and living out the mission of ADB Community. This giving spirit is evident every single day, especially in those that go above and beyond to care for their neighbors in times of crisis.

Recently, Kentucky experienced historic and tragic flooding after a foot of rain led to intense flash flooding, destroying structures and stranding residents. Over 700 homes were completely destroyed or suffered major damage, over 9,600 people were left without power, and 1,300 people had to be rescued from the rising waters. Agencies from across the nation are coming in to set up emergency housing centers, but many people are just now beginning to assess the damage to their homes and begin the long, strenuous clean-up process.

ADB works on various jobs throughout Kentucky and when Wayne Craig & Mike Elliott heard about the flooding, they knew they had to step up and help. They enlisted their crew and they all agreed that they needed to do their part to ease the suffering of these communities. After work, this A-Team has been delivering water, food, and fans to residents while also helping dig out driveways and just simply lending support where needed. Two of the crew members had family directly affected by the flooding, so this hit home for the entire team.

Back Row (from L to R): Devin Butler, Brett Theirer, Justin Martin, Jaylan Banks, and Kori Miller

Front Row (from L to R): Cody Lovins, Shane Dolieslager, Mike Elliott, Kaelob Hastings

We are incredibly proud of this team for doing everything they can for this community and bringing the ADB Community spirit to everyone they meet. Keep up the good work!


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