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ADB receives Eagle Award

Our team was recently awarded the Ameren Eagle Award for 2022. The Eagle Award is one of the highest levels of contractor recognition from Ameren's annual recognition program, which is given to contractors who demonstrate outstanding safety performance throughout the year. The award recognizes exceptional safety performance with a commitment to the safety of our employees.

At ADB Companies, there is nothing more important than returning our team members home safely to their families every single day. Not only do we have a world-class Safety Program, we pride ourselves on our Safety Culture with the universal belief that ZERO unsafe acts are not only possible but sustainable. Multiple times a year, team members of ADB Companies have the opportunity to receive safety training through ADB Academy and achieve OSHA 10 hr. and OSHA 30 hr. certificates from many of our authorized OSHA outreach instructors. Other ways we will ensure a safe work environment include but are not limited to creating standard operating procedures then training our team members to them. Creating a pre-job written work plan identifying steps to complete work, hazards per work step and mitigation plan for all hazards. Conducting periodic jobsite and driving observations, classroom and on-the-job training, weekly safety meetings, nominating specific team members as acting Safety Champions, face-to-face conversations with team members <90 days, and Weekly Safety Discussions (paper document w/sign-in required). These programs combined lead to the safety, well-being, and career growth of our team members.

We are honored to receive this award and we are very proud of our A-Team who continue to make safety our highest priority every day. With an ADB Safe theme of ZERO is our EXPECTATION we will keep safety at the forefront of our work. Great work!


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