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Safety Focus in San Antonio

At ADB we have an unrelenting culture and focus on Safety as Priority One with an expectation of ZERO. ADB team members are required to complete 70 hours of tower and classroom training, exceeding the national OSHA standard. Daily pre-task safety cards are thoroughly reviewed and completed by every crew every day at the jobsite prior to beginning the job, or a new element of the job, with a keen focus on potential hazards. Every team member is empowered to shut down a jobsite if they feel unsafe for any reason. All field management team members have been certified in OSHA 30-hour training, and all team members have completed OSHA 10- hour training certification. To continue on this path to ZERO our leadership team dropped by our San Antonio, Texas office for a deep dive into the current safety climate.

During the visit our A-Team served up a full spread pancake breakfast and sat down to discuss important safety topics affecting us today. We had some great conversations around preventing incidents and best practices in the field. We appreciate each and everyone one of our team members and we are so thankful for the continued focus on driving safety to zero.


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