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Team Member Spotlight: Edwin de Mandel

Safety is our number one priority and we work hard to spread the message of safety to every team member, subcontractor, and partner across the country. This would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our Risk Management Team who work hard every single day to equip our people with the tools and processes they need to get themselves and their teams home safely at the end of the day. Edwin de Mandel, Field Safety Coordinator, has a passion for safety that he spreads to teams across Texas. His growth and leadership have shown that he is dedicated to our mission and passionate about growing the Risk Management Team so they can seamlessly reach every single member of the A-Team.

Edwin is a valued member of the ADB Family and his passion for safety does not go unnoticed. His positive attitude and work ethic have allowed him to gain high levels of trust from his team members and from leadership. This trust has given Edwin a strong sense of empowerment in his abilities as he has been given the freedom to be innovative in his role while always being himself and letting his personality shine through in his work. He knows that leadership expects results and the safest jobs possible, but he is grateful for the lack of micromanagement he has experienced. Overall, his journey with ADB thus far has been incredible. He knows he found a company that truly values him as a human being and allows his voice to be heard.

“It’s been eye-opening to see that there is a company with a culture that values education so much. This is something I truly appreciate, and it has changed the way I work with my team and with my customers.”

Edwin had been working in the construction industry for a while when he happened to find himself in the right place at the right time. At a previous position, the safety professional abruptly left, so he decided to step up to the challenge and fill his shoes. This sparked his passion for safety and has allowed him to experience tremendous growth within the industry. Edwin enjoys many aspects of construction, but his favorite things are the fast pace and that every day is different. He also loves that he is able to look at a project and say that he was part of the team that built it. He has been part of many meaningful projects and being part of the team building the 5G networks for schools, hospitals, and communities around the nation is something he does not take for granted. It is amazing for him to see the impact they are making in other people’s lives. If Edwin could give one piece of advice to those just starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Ask questions and don’t be shy. It’s ok not to know something! Failing is an important part of learning, so learn from those that have failed in the same position you are in now. Don’t be afraid to mess up.”

Making the switch to safety really opened Edwin’s eyes to some important life lessons. The most important thing he has learned is that work isn’t everything and that the people truly come first. If you take care of your people, the profits, the jobs, and everything else will fall into place.

“You have someone waiting at home for you, so always do right by them. Anything that you do, as long as you feel proud of the work that you did, you’ll be fine. Don’t make work your whole life or you’ll miss out on a lot of great things.”

Everything we do at ADB is driven by our mission and core values. The core value that Edwin appreciates the most is Empowerment as he has seen firsthand just how much ADB has given him the power and tools to do things in a way that he sees fit. He also sees this lived out every day when team members come up to him and tell him that they saw or experienced something unsafe on a job and felt comfortable enough to stop the job and correct the issue. This gives him an immense sense of pride in the team and the culture he has helped build in our Texas offices.

Edwin truly believes that ADB is his career destination and he is excited for the new talent that is coming along with the exponential growth ADB is experiencing. ADB has so much to offer and he truly believes that anyone can find their passions here.

“If you are looking for great growth and countless opportunities, ADB is the place for you. ADB clearly lines up what you need to get to the next level of your career, and you are given the resources necessary to get there. Leadership is genuinely excited to help our people grow and reach their full potential.”

Edwin, thank you for keeping our people safe and spreading our safety message with a smile. You have built an amazing team and culture in Texas and we can’t wait to see where you go next!


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