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Team Member Spotlight: Linda Rice

We want our customers and visitors to feel like they are family from the moment they walk in the door of our beautiful headquarters in Pacific, MO. Linda Rice, Corporate Executive Assistant, greets everyone with a smile and spreads positivity to everyone she interacts with. She is the face of our office and we could not be prouder of everything she has accomplished since joining our family.

Linda is an incredibly talented saxophone player, but she never thought she would find another career that made her feel fulfilled and excited, until she joined the A-Team. The opportunity at ADB fell into her lap and she hasn’t looked back. From her first day, she has felt incredibly empowered and supported. As receptionist, she knew that she was the face of ADB and had to make people feel comfortable and welcomed. However, she was also encouraged to take on tasks in her own way to help pave her path for growth. As she has grown, she feels that her opinions are valued and appreciated, and she continues to exceed expectations every single day.

As Linda began looking for a steady career outside of music, she knew she wanted something hands-on and task driven. She saw the opening for the position at ADB, and after interviewing, she was immediately drawn to the people. The people are what keep her excited about going to work every day and motivated to be the best she can be. She has the unique privilege of being able to interact with every person that walks through the door. Linda is continuously learning from her teammates and she will tell you that the biggest lesson she has learned in her career came from Bianca Strickland, VP of Human Resources at ADB.

“You always have to take care of yourself first, otherwise you can’t do a good job. You can’t change what has already happened, you can only change what happens moving forward. Always move forward with a smile.”

Linda has already experienced tremendous growth at ADB and she could not be more excited about the future. She has her sights set on becoming an Executive Assistant, and she is looking forward to taking advantage of the various learning and professional development opportunities provided through ADB Academy. However, as a mom to two beautiful girls, Linda’s vision for the future is to truly be the best version of herself that she can be. She strives to be a loving, character-driven role model, not only for her daughters, but for those joining the ADB family every day. If she could give one piece of advice to those starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Jump in, be yourself, and give every day your best. No one does everything right the first time. Make your role yours in your own special, individual way. The only people who don’t like individualism and enthusiasm are those who don’t want to see you succeed!”

ADB is passionate about living out its mission and core values: SACRIFICE. If Linda had to choose her favorite core value, it would be family. She is so grateful to be in an environment that appreciates her warm, caring, and welcoming nature and the incredible people at ADB have become a second family to her. This family atmosphere is one of the many reasons Linda thinks everyone should join the A-Team. and she knows that she has found her career destination.

“Want to be recognized for your talents and hard work? Apply at ADB. Want to be appreciated for your contributions? Apply at ADB. Want to surround yourself with other amazing people who care about you and your success? Apply at ADB.”

Linda, thank you for your bright smile and dedication to all things ADB. You are exactly what it means to be ALL IN and we are so grateful for you!


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