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Team Member Spotlight: Sherry Wall

At ADB, we value continuous education and helping our A-Team unleash their full potential. No matter what position our people start in, their growth opportunities are endless. Sherry Wall, Project Coordinator for one of our most trusted partners, is a perfect example of this career growth.

Sherry joined the ADB family over ten years ago, when we were a small company of only 200 team members. She began her journey as a receptionist at our former HQ in Union, MO before moving into accounting where she handled billing for ADB and ZeroDay Technology Solutions (now ADB Technology). She remained in that role for about five years before moving to job costing and compiling ADB’s scorecards to ensure our teams were on track to meet their goals. In March of 2021, she became a Project Coordinator and supports the Project Managers working with a trusted partner on a large, national project. She has experienced some incredible growth over the past ten years and is looking forward to the growth that awaits her! This growth has also allowed her to feel empowered in her abilities and do everything she can to help ADB continue to succeed.

“The atmosphere that is fostered here is always trying to improve processes and make things more efficient. It is not uncommon at all to be challenged with the question, ‘What can you do to solve this problem?’ I have been encouraged to be innovative and think outside of the box.”

Sherry never thought she would be working in the construction industry, but she stumbled across ADB and knew that it would be a place where she could use her accounting skills to help her and the company grow. Since then, she has continued to learn as much as she can about the industry and has had the chance to be a part of an amazing ride, growing from a company of 200 team members to now over 1,000 strong across the nation. Her experiences with different job positions and various teams has taught her a lot of lessons, but the most valuable lesson she has learned is just how important it is to provide support to anyone that needs it. Behind every good manager is a team willing to do what it takes to get the job done and be ALL IN for the team and for their customers. Sherry has seen just how valued her efforts are by management, and that motivates her to continuously give 110%. The ALL IN culture at ADB is one of a kind and there is always room for new talent to come in and grow. If she could give one piece of advice to those just starting out in their career, it would be:

“This is such a growing industry and ADB is proof of that. ADB provides many resources and opportunities for you to find your niche. Be a team player, keep an open mind, and try to learn from your successes and failures.”

Given her incredible growth journey over the past ten years, Sherry is incredibly excited for the future. She sees herself growing with the industry and with ADB, continuing to evolve her role and live out ADB mission and values. ADB’s values – SACRIFICE – are a driving force in everything that we do and Sherry sees Integrity lived out every single day. It can be rare to find true integrity in a company these days, and she sees it displayed in every single member of the A-Team, from leadership to craftspeople. Sherry truly believes that ADB is her career destination and is excited for the new A-Team Members that join the family every single day.

“ADB is one of those places where you can start on the ground level and have the chance to advance quickly through the ranks. We have some amazing examples of that in our team members and it is something you won’t find anywhere else.”

Sherry, thank you for being ALL IN. You have had an incredible journey at ADB and you are just getting started!


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