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Women in Construction Spotlight: DiAnne Hupp

ADB is rapidly expanding its presence across the country to provide our customers with world-class service. In order to achieve this growth, we need dedicated people who are willing and excited to enter a new market and exceed expectations. DiAnne Hupp, Senior Project Manager for the OSP East Group is responsible for various markets and is a valuable part of her team.

DiAnne Hupp joined the ADB team in March of 2020 as a Program Manager for one of our trusted partners in the Memphis market. However, she quickly advanced her career and in July of 2020 and she was promoted to her current position of Senior Project Manager. As a Senior Project Manager, she oversees three core markets and five NED markets in ADB’s OSP East Division. This rapid career advancement has given DiAnne a strong sense of empowerment in her work.

“It is a very empowering feeling when your opinions and thoughts on a matter are valued.”

DiAnne joined the construction industry by accident 15 years ago. She was studying to become a special education teacher and during one of her summer breaks, she took a job at a drafting company. She realized that she had not only a skill, but a passion for the industry and she hasn’t looked back. When she made the switch from special education to construction, she went from a female-dominated industry to a male-dominated industry. It was a challenge at first, and throughout her career she has had to prover her knowledge and ability. However, now that she is a part of the ADB family, she can see that everyone is truly treated and valued as equals. Since joining the industry at such a young age, she knows what it is like just starting out and feeling intimidated and nervous. If she could give one piece of advice to young women who are new to the industry, it would be:

“Listen to everything! Knowledge is everywhere. If you want to move up from your position, you can. There is nothing stopping you. When everyone is dismissed from calls, but others stay behind to talk about what is happening on their projects, stay and listen to what is going on and ask questions.”

DiAnne has already experienced tremendous growth over the past year and she is excited for what the future holds. She wants to continue helping her project managers grow while also continuing to learn and advance in her own career. Her ultimate vision is to become a Vice President and with her dedication and passion, there is nothing stopping her! She believes that ADB truly is her career destination.

“I absolutely love the culture that we have. I have never been at a company that is as invested in their team members as ADB is!”

DiAnne, thank you for your hard work in our East markets. You directly impact our success and we can’t wait to continue to expand and watch you flourish!


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