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Women in Construction Spotlight: Kristin Highley

We want to give a huge congratulations to Kristin Highley for becoming our first female Program Manager for a trusted Telecommunications Provider. Our Program Management Department is experiencing tremendous growth since its formation three years ago and Kristin has been fearless in taking on this leadership role, and has helped the team experience immense success.

Kristin wanted to join the construction industry because she saw the excitement and challenges that came along with the job. The construction industry provides consistency; there is always construction that needs to be done, but the needs and expectations of teams and customers is constantly changing and evolving. Kristin loves the idea of being challenged and having the opportunities to grow and learn alongside the industry.

Since starting her journey with ADB as a Project Assistant, Kristin has worked hard and was promoted to Program Manager in less than a year. Her incredible career growth, in such a short amount of time, has given her a sense of empowerment. Her team empowered her to accept the job in Springfield, MO, and, in turn, she has felt empowered to work hard for our trusted partner and continually find new ways to get the job done efficiently. It has been an exciting ride for her, and she is looking forward to the ample opportunities to continue to learn and grow with ADB.

Kristin came to ADB from a female-dominated industry, so entering a male-dominated industry was a new, but welcome challenge for her. The transition was not without hardships, but she has embraced every moment with a positive attitude and a smile. When asked what advice she would give to young women starting out in the industry, she said:

""Take the good with the bad and have confidence. Don't be afraid to speak up and learn."

Kristin has learned many valuable lessons over her career. She will tell you that there are two main lessons that she keeps with her. The first valuable lesson she learned was to be kind to herself. There will always be days where she's tired, doesn't feel well, or fails forward, but she accepts that she's human.

"Just take a breath, learn, then get back at it...Don't let those things weigh you down or make you feel less than."

The other lesson that she has learned is to always be there for her team. The support shown within a team is what keeps the team successful and moving forward. She will always fight for what's best for her team and continues to learn everything she can in order to make the teams' work more efficient.

Since joining Keeley, Kristin has fully embraced the culture. The culture of family, where everyone genuinely wants the best for everyone and for everyone to succeed. This culture has helped shape her vision for the future of ADB by working to successfully run programs with a supportive team. By embracing family and fostering strong relationships on her team, she will grow not only the business as a whole, but the careers of those around her.

Kristin, thank you for your dedication to ADB. Your bright smile makes everyone's day better and we can't wait to watch you continue to grow and achieve amazing success!


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