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Women in Engineering Spotlight: Shelli Wassall

Every single member of the A-Team is vital to our success, but it is those behind the scenes that work to keep our offices running smoothly that deserve a round of applause. Shelli Wassall, Executive Assistant to our VP of Engineering, has made a huge impact on our organization and her team.

Before joining the A-Team, Shelli had been at her previous company for 20 years, but after seeing ADB’s job opening on LinkedIn, she knew it was time for a positive change. When she walked into her final in-person interview, she knew that ADB was where she was supposed to be. Working directly with Aric Kreeger and other leaders given her a sense of empowerment in everything she does.

“I work with an amazing Day One Leader and he encourages team members to partner with him, rather than work for him. I also love the continuing education opportunities that we are given, and I love that I am in control of what I want to learn. I am empowered to grow in my passion to help others as well. I am blessed that ADB encourages us to expand our giving nature to others outside of these walls.”

Shelli never thought she would be a part of the construction industry, but after answering an ad on a whim and entering the industry, she is incredibly happy to be a part of something that will always be needed. While every day might not be perfect, she loves that every day is different and that the industry as a whole is constantly changing. There is always so much to learn and there are endless opportunities for growth. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, she knows how challenging it can be to take that first step, so if she could give one piece of advice to the women just joining the industry, it would be:

“Take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have all the answers. ADB is a very patient company that truly wants to see you succeed and they provide the tools you need to be successful. Most importantly, be yourself!”

At Shelli’s previous company, assistants were never promoted and continuing education was rarely offered. ADB is quite the opposite and this has allowed Shelli’s views on herself and her career change in a positive way. She was welcomed by her team, is told how much she is needed, and is reminded every day that her team is glad to have her. Every job is important at ADB and she is learning to accept her value as a person and as a member of the A-Team! This new outlook on her career has also given Shelli a clear vision for her future at ADB.

“I have always been a dedicated person. When I set out to do something, I want to see it through, and my career is no different. My vision includes leading and helping other support staff and team members grow in their careers, ensuring that they know their worth and value. I am confident ADB will provide those opportunities and I know the sky is the limit here!”

ADB is driven by its mission and core values – SACRIFICE – and Shelli is grateful to have these core values guide her and align with her own values. However, if she had to pick a favorite core value, it would be Community Involvement. ADB prioritizes Community Involvement and with that, Shelli feels that she can live out many of our other values, especially Family, Accountability, and Empowerment. Shelli is passionate about giving back, and ADB encourages and supports all of her endeavors. Whether that be offering a free exercise class in the community or organizing an opportunity to bless hundreds of local St. Louis children at Christmas, ADB stands behind our people and supports all efforts in any way possible.

Shelli is so glad that she answered ADB’s LinkedIn posting and wants others to know that ADB can become their career destination and their home away from home.

“If you are looking for a place to grow in your career, ADB is a great company to work for. There is no limit to what you can do if you have the drive to do it. Working with like-minded people who desire to not only do well in their careers, but also share their time, talents, and gifts with the community puts a smile on my face and it’s something I’m proud to be a part of. ADB wants to be positive in the lives of their team members, families, and communities across the nation!”

Shelli, thank you for being ALL IN for our Engineering team and for the entire company. Your positivity, dedication, and drive do not go unnoticed, and you have a very bright future ahead of you!


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