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2023 Awards & Holiday Celebrations

Congratulations to our outstanding ADB team members, the well-deserved winners of our 2023 awards! Your dedication, ambition, and hard work have shaped an exciting year for us. As a company, we understand that our success hinges on the efforts of our remarkable team. We extend our deepest appreciation for the time, perseverance, and dedication each of you has contributed, making ADB a truly great company. Congrats to the following 2023 Award Winners on their achievements!


Project Manager of the Year - Michael Gurasich

Technology Contributor of the Year - Alan Adams

Rookie of the Year - David Maes

Customer Champion - James Hagler

Support Leader of the Year - Helen Berling


PMO Person of Year - Macy Pilliam

Rising Star Award - Chris Smith

PM/PgM of the Year - Angie Bartlett

PC Material Handler of the Year - Robert Winter

G.S.D. Award - Kayla Billiot

Mr. Versatility - Charlie Stackle

Most Valuable Teammate - Dan Callahan

Trailblazer Award - Keith Davis


Technician of the Year - Shawn Badalamenti

Road Warrior - Steve Cole


Rising Star Safety Rockstar - Steve Kienle

Most Valuable Team Player - Samantha Morgan

Outstanding Leadership - Save The License Team

Customer “WOW” - Louis “Chino” Panduro

Do Whatever It Takes - Ramiro Gil

Ace of Initiative - Devin Harris

Rookie of the Year Verizon - David Peguero

Rookie of the Year T-Mobile - Isaiah Lessard

Rookie of the Year AT&T - Viktoriia Moskalenko

Safety Rockstar - Brandon Harris


Person of the Year - Permitting - Nick Liska

Rookie of the Year - Austen Nehrt

Career Growth Award - Bill McCain

Person of the Year- CAD - Matt Carlson

Person of the Year- Design - Andrew Stoeckel

G.S.D. Award - Wyatt Reed

Person of the Year - Technology - Raven McMullen

Wireline - East

Laborer of the Year - Dalton Murphy

Most Career Growth - Doug Perkins

Operator/ Foreman of the Year - Chas Klayer

Safety/ Quality of the Year - Gary Dalton

Manager of the Year - Donald Procko

Mr. Versatility - George Aistrop

Aerial Crew Member of the Year - Bethany Scott

Drill Operator of the Year - Kalib Carson

Drill Locator of the Year - Bob Cowan

Support Person of the Year - Leslie Nolan

Crew of the Year - Steven Bradley, Devayas Jackson, John Gunter, CJ Loftin, Wyatt Bilbo, John Stuhr, Sam Lafuze, Zackery Morris, Jaquan Lipscomb, Brendon Scurrah, Justin Kissell

Wireline - West

Laborer of the Year - Juan Perez

Drill Operator of the Year - Jose Pedroza

Operator of the Year - Genaro Sandoval

Safety/Quality Person of the Year - Eric Mittlehauser

Mrs. Versatility - Anjel Belcher-Douglas

West Support Person of the Year - Courtni Evrard

West Manager of the Year - Howard Sanders

Most Career Growth - John Dressler

Lineman of the Year - Anthony Ramirez

Wireline - Midwest

Laborer of the Year - Damian Beers

Drill Operator of the Year - Logan Pannebecker

Driver of the Year - Joshua Roam

Drill Locator of the Year - Cole Scott

Operator/Foreman of the Year - Eric Davis

Safety/Quality Person of the Year - John Sheldon

Lineman of the Year - Weston Basler

Hydro Foreman of the Year - Anthony Martin

Electrical Designer of the Year - Matt Feamster

Midwest Support Person of the Year - Michael Havey

Manager of the Year - Josh Browning

Wireline - South

Laborer of the Year - Adrian Alvarez

Most Improved - Danny Varela

Drill Operator of the Year - Cesar Rios

Drill Locator of the Year - Orlando Sanchez

Operator/Foreman of the Year - Ernesto Martinez Meza

Safety/Quality Person of the Year - Francisco Ledesma

Mr. Versatility - Eric Whittemore

Lineman of the Year - Brandon DeLaGarza

South Support Person of the Year - Cheri Jones

Crew of the Year - Kevin Cruz, Anastacio Canales, Jorge Pineda, & Cesar Olivia

Manager of the Year - James Bailey

Wireline Cable Services

Vice President of the Year - Ross Gresham

Support Person of the Year - Kayla Caratachea

Manager/Supervisor of the Year(East/West) - Chris Metz

Manager/Supervisor of the Year(South) - Tracy Costigan

Manager/Supervisor of the Year(Midwest) - TJ Caldarera

ALL IN Person of the Year - Tim Caratachea

Technician of the Year - East/West - Adam Folks

Technician of the Year - South - Benjermen Ervin

Technician of the Year - Midwest - Creighton Reichert

Senior Manager of the Year - Eric Weiss


Office Person of the Year - Sarah Alvarado

Support Person of the Year - Eric Biehle

Safety Person of the Year - John Langford

Always ALL IN - Curt Machado, Justin Conn, Deb Kampmann, & Havens Collins

Lines of Business Person of the Year

Wireline - Ted Bilbo

Wireless - Steve Arneman

Engineering - JD Hecht

Technology - Coiley Reeves

PMO - Macy Pulliam

Drum roll please on our Overall 2023 Person of the Year...

Chris Bub, Chief Financial Officer

Across our offices nationwide, we took the opportunity to gather and celebrate your remarkable achievements in 2023. The holiday season was filled with joy as we enjoyed time together, reflecting on the milestones we achieved as a team. Thank you for being a crucial part of the ADB family, and here's to continued success in the coming years! Check out some of the holiday fun had across our offices nationwide.


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