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Did you know we offer Splicing Services?

ADB’s Cable Services Group is unlike any other fiber optic splice and test group in the industry. Our Senior Leadership boasts over a century of combined fiber optic maintenance and new project construction splicing experience.

What sets us apart is our exceptionally large group of top-notch experienced fiber optic splice and test technicians who have gone through our own developed rigorous and extensive in-house training programs. The ADB team is ready to make your project(s) successful wherever or whenever you may need them.

Your splicing projects will benefit from our experienced managed services as well as our in-house developed project tracking and reporting tools designed to support our technicians and partners.

By choosing to partner with us you will gain real-time up-to-date project progress, timely project execution and a high-quality end-product in the field. Our modern test data deliverable reporting is tailored to suit your specific needs.

To learn more about our Splicing services download our capabilities document.

ADB Splicing Services 1 Pager 2024 (2)
Download PDF • 2.41MB


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