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Team Member Spotlight: Jamie Nall

ADB’s strategic growth plan has allowed our teams to grow and expand across the country. Our customers are building and enhancing our technology infrastructure and our teams must have the ability to grow with them. Our Program Management team has tackled this growth head on and Jamie Nall, Program Manager, has been instrumental to growing our presence in Texas.

Jamie joined the ADB family three years ago as a Project Manager on the OSP West team. She was new to the industry at the time, but something clicked and she knew that she found her home – not only at ADB, but within the industry as a whole. Over the past three years, Jamie has shown grit, determination, and exemplifies what it means to be ALL IN. She jumped at the chance to relocate to Dallas and is now the Program Manager for one of our largest, most trusted customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These opportunities for growth and independence give Jamie a great sense of empowerment in her work.

“Seeing my team succeed is one of the ways I feel empowered every single day. Working as a team to achieve our goals, objectives, and deadlines makes me excited to take on every challenge together. I also feel empowered by the way my management team supports and believes in me.”

Jamie has always been drawn to the “down to earth” nature of the construction industry, so she feels very at home at ADB. She loves getting to meet so many incredible people while also feeling challenged to be her best self. The construction industry is always changing, so it’s exciting for her to be able to advance her career in tandem with those changes and she feels ADB has given her the resources she needs to succeed in anything she does.

“My vision is to continue to grow with ADB Companies wherever it might take me. I want to continue learning and moving up through the company. I’m always open to new adventures and challenges.”

Jamie has learned many lessons throughout her career at ADB, but the most important thing she has learned is that you truly succeed and fail together as a team. No matter your role or title, everyone’s part is needed and valued, not only on Jamie’s team, but across every group at ADB. This is an important lesson for everyone to learn, and if she could give advice to those just starting out, it would be:

“No question is a stupid one; knowledge is an asset that will help your future career. Utilize all tools and resources at your disposal and keep your mind open to everything. There is always room to grow.”

ADB has been Jamie’s home for three years and she can see herself here forever. Her favorite thing about being a member of the A-Team is the togetherness she feels from team members from coast to coast. It truly is a family and she is grateful to be a part of something that aligns with not only her career aspirations, but her personal values.

ADB is built on its mission, core values – SACRIFICE – and world-class culture. Jamie’s favorite aspect of the culture is the dedication to equality through ADB Together. She has seen this lived out personally as being a woman in a male-dominated industry can present some challenges. For her, being given this opportunity to be a part of the amazing group of women doing groundbreaking things at ADB has meant the world to her and it can be hard to find that. Jamie truly believes that she has found her career destination and thinks everyone would be lucky to join the A-Team.

“ADB offers the tools and resources to succeed in your career. The amount of compassion and thought that’s given to team members and their families is above and beyond. Making ADB your career destination will open your eyes to what it is to be valued by a company.”

Jamie, thank you for your drive and dedication to the A-Team. Our Dallas efforts would not be what they are today without your leadership. Thank you for being ALL IN!


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