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ADB Drone Services: Revolutionizing Data Collection

Obtaining accurate tower data is paramount to keeping wireless projects running smoothly. As an approved drone service provider in telecommunications (Federal Aviation Administration) since 2014, ADB offers a multitude of benefits through our wireless tower drone services. We make your wireless data collection faster, safer, and less expensive, enabling your team to collaborate and make decisions with better information than ever. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Cost Reduction: Utilizing drones can help save costs by eliminating travel, equipment, and labor costs associated with manual tower inspections. 

  • Time: Drone services cut down on data collection trips, and reduce “on-site” time, saving thousands of hours. 

  • Safety: Finally, drones remove the need for engineers to climb towers, reducing risk and promoting a safer work environment. 

  • Synergy: Centralized drone data provides engineering teams with a consistent information base for improved decision-making and collaboration. 

Our drone services can reach difficult areas and integrate with existing systems for proactive maintenance, resulting in a reduction of downtime and improved wireless infrastructure reliability. Our drone technology and maneuverability results in the creation of vital assets. 

Key Deliverables: 

High-quality imagery: Ultra-High Resolution Aerial Photographs 

Complete special awareness: 3D Modeling and Digital Twin creation 

Detailed tower data: 2cm Accurate AI Platform 

To learn more about our Drone Services, download our capabilities document. 

ADB Drone Services 2024
Download PDF • 2.07MB


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