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A-Team Spotlight: Eric Biehle

ADB is all about growth and over the past 18 months, we have acquired five amazing organizations to help us enhance our services and provide the highest quality to our customers. Each of these acquisitions have brought amazing people to the A-Team who are out there spreading our mission and bringing the ADB name to their partners and customers. Eric Biehle, Executive Sales Associate, is helping integrate PrimeTech into the ADB brand while wholeheartedly embracing the ADB culture and vision.

Eric started in the telecom industry in 1996. Throughout his career, he has operated trenchers, plows, drills, and even hung coax & fiber from a bucket truck and off poles. After his time as an operator, he grew into more strategic, operational roles in Engineering and Business Development. It has been an exciting road of career growth for Eric and he has tackled every challenge head on, including the integration from PrimeTech to ADB. It is a long process, but Eric is grateful for ADB as he is now able to solely focus his time and energy on Business Development rather than wearing five hats and splitting up his focus amongst departments.

“I feel incredibly empowered in the work I am doing. Now that we are part of the A-Team, I support a much more diversified portfolio of services with a wide, national reach.”

Eric has been interested in construction since he was young, but his fascination has always been with fiber. The telecom industry really started taking off, so Eric knew he had to jump in and be part of the action. He wanted to understand more about how fiber impacts the industry as a whole and how it impacts our way of communication via the Internet. It is always changing and evolving, so no two days are the same for Eric and his team. Along with the constant evolution, Eric’s favorite part of the industry is the people. From ADB’s first line service techs up to leadership, Eric is always working and collaborating with amazing people.

“If you surround yourself with great people and prioritize building relationships, your success is limitless.”

Since PrimeTech was acquired by ADB, Eric has been able to transition into an established and hard-working Business Development team with a strong plan for success. Eric has been able to form his vision for the future and he hopes to lead with his team through continued innovation, integration, and market penetration in areas and levels that ADB has not seen before. It has been a long road towards complete integration, but Eric is grateful for his BD team and their constant support and guidance through the process. So, if Eric had one piece of advice for someone going through a similar acquisition process, it would be:

“Be patient and stay positive. Change can be lengthy and challenging at times, but you will get through it.”

ADB prides itself on being driven by a common mission and set of core values and Eric has taken those to heart and lives them out every single day. The A-Team supports each other no matter what, and Eric knows that anyone would be lucky to join the A-Team and call ADB their home.

“ADB clearly cares about the career growth and well-being of their people which contributes to their nationwide market success. This is an amazing place to work.”

Eric, thank you for bringing your talents to the A-Team. We are proud of how you have navigated this process and we are excited to see what the future has in store for you at ADB!


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