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Team Member Spotlight: Sabrina Shea

Our A-Team at ADB Companies is rapidly growing and we are always looking for talented people who are eager to jump right in and join our culture. Our HR team works hard every day, and this growth would not be possible without each of them. Sabrina Shea, HR Assistant, shows her passion for our people every single day and our recruiting and onboarding experience would not be the same without her.

Sabrina first joined the ADB family as a temporary data entry clerk in December 2018. After two weeks of being immersed in the ADB culture, she knew she wanted to find a way to join the team full-time. After a month of hard work, Bianca Strickland, Vice President of Human Resources, asked Sabrina if she wanted to help with Human Resources initiatives. She jumped at the opportunity and by February, she was offered a full-time position as a Payroll & HR Support Specialist. In November 2019, Sabrina was officially promoted to HR Assistant, helping with HR needs for all ADB Companies. This quick growth has given Sabrina an incredible sense of empowerment in her abilities.

“I am currently handling the pre-employment process and I am empowered every day to get the candidates through the process as quickly as I can while also ensuring they have the best experience possible.”

Sabrina’s passion doesn’t stop with the people. She is passionate about the industry itself. Her father owned and operated his own drywall business and her late husband owned his own construction business, so she has always been around hardworking people who are dedicated to helping their communities and customers. ADB may be a different type of construction, but Sabrina truly enjoys working with blue-collar workers as they are the forefront of our entire business.

“We would not have buildings, power, or anything really if it wasn’t for blue-collar workers. I really enjoy working here and learning about all the other types of construction that my family wasn’t a part of so I can really understand all trades.”

Throughout her journey with ADB, Sabrina has learned a lot of lessons, but the most important one she has learned is to get out of her comfort zone. If she isn’t uncomfortable, she feels that she isn’t growing and she is constantly welcoming change so she can learn to grow and make positive differences on her team and within the company.

ADB is constantly growing and evolving, presenting new opportunities for the A-Team every single day. With this growth comes a vision for the future and Sabrina is excited to continue to advance her career with ADB. She has her sights set on becoming an HR Generalist while doing what she can to enhance the processes and procedures within the department. Since Sabrina has the unique privilege of being able to work with our newest team members, she has some advice to share with those wanting to get into the industry:

“Do your best and always think outside the box on how you can improve processes and make a difference in all the things that you control. Always smile and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be the person that someone turns to when they have a question.”

Sabrina has loved the last two and a half years at ADB and is incredibly grateful to be working at a company that cares about the people as much as ADB does. The family culture makes her excited to come to work every day. Everyone is smiling and catching up in the hallways and everyone is valued and treated with respect regardless of position or title. Sabrina truly believes that she has found her career destination and she is excited to continue helping others find their career destination at ADB.

“The amount of care and compassion this company puts into the team members is enough to make ADB a career destination. There is constant growth potential and anyone that isn’t excited to make ADB their home is missing out.”

Sabrina, thank you for your passion around our people! You brighten our days and are going to achieve amazing things. We are so grateful for you!


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