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Women in Construction Spotlight: Courtni Evrard

Every team member, whether they are a craftsperson in the field or a Vice President, plays a vital role in ADB’s success. Courtni Evrard, Administrative Assistant to Vice President, Jason Lynd, helps keep our OSP West NPG Group running smoothly. ADB is experiencing rapid growth and Courtni is one of our dedicated team members working hard every day to exceed expectations for her group and for our customers.

Courtni joined ADB in March of 2019 just as Jason Lynd was transitioning into his role as Vice President in the OSP West Group. She was his first assistant, and this was her first step into the construction industry, so she had a lot to learn. These learning opportunities have given her a strong sense of empowerment in her work.

“The thing that empowers me the most is working for such a hardworking and dedicated team. Seeing how hard Jason and our management team work to make our team succeed just pushes me to do more and help our team members out in any way possible. I am constantly busy with our growing group!”

When Courtni started her journey at ADB, it was also the first time she was entering a male-dominated industry. While she was slightly intimidated at first, she quickly realized that building relationships was one of the most important things she could do. By finding common interests with other team members across the company, she has been able to build strong relationships while gaining the trust and respect of fellow team members and senior leaders. Throughout her time on the OSP West team, Courtni has experienced a lot of personal growth, so if she could give any advice to women starting out in the industry, it would be:

“There’s so much diversity and opportunity in the work that we do. Things are changing quickly and the opportunities for expanding our professional horizons just keep getting better. If I could give three pieces of advice, they would be to develop a thick skin, a sense of humor, and be able to communicate in order to build relationships.”

A few years ago, Courtni attended the L. Keeley Construction Christmas party with her husband who is a foreman at L. Keeley. This Christmas party and the company culture are what inspired her to join the ADB team. Since then, she has learned that there is never a dull moment in the construction industry, especially at ADB. This dynamic and ever-evolving environment allows her and her team to continuously bring value to the company and to their customers. When it comes to her vision for the future, Courtni is most excited for the growth opportunities available to her at ADB and being able to continue to assist in growing and maintaining the support teams needed for her team members in the field.

“I love surrounding myself with hard working people and that’s what you get here at ADB. It it was drives me to be ALL IN and strive to be the best version of myself.”

Courtni, thank you for your dedication to our OSP West Group. We would not be where we are without you. You have a bright future ahead of you and we can’t wait to watch you continue to accomplish incredible things!


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